I forgot twenty very important things - an unforgivable act - don't do this...

1. A Converter

I brought an iDevice converter only which just changes the plug and allows me to dual charge my computer and iPad/iPod/iPhone. However, I completely and totally forgot about a converter for my items that not only require a plug change but the option of 220/240 voltage like my DSLR battery charger and blow dryer.

2. Cash

I got $40 USD cash in the states and used half there. When I arrived in London $20 USD turned into $14 BPS. When I got to France I got $200 Euros which cost me $260 USD. I should have converted some before I left. I needed cash for taxis, subway trains and in some cases even to use the restroom and I had zip.

3. A Pen

I forgot my writing pens, Sharpie etc and pens can be quite expensive in an airport and completely obsolete on a train or at a railway station.

4. A Jacket

I brought a shrug cardigan, a light sweatshirt and a hoodie - none of them zip and provide me ease of removal like a jacket. And it is cold here even in the Summer.

5. Extra Lipgloss

Somehow I completely left behind extra chap stick which should be in my purse and toiletry bag. Now when I brush my teeth, tongue and lips I have to go through my purse.

6. PJ Pants

I did look for pants but opted out because I don't normally wear them. Now that wi-fi is in lobbies and nights are cold I wish I would have bought some.

7. A Real Belt

I bought three skinny belts in lue of bringing two traditional belts. The skinny belts do not hold up my jeans and they show more wear as I stretch them to fit.

8. A Spray Bottle

I spray my hair with water to style it and I cannot find a sprayer anywhere now.

9. A Laundry Bag

I have alternative day bags but one alone doesn't fit all my dirty travel laundry. So now I'm putting soiled clothes in the same bag I get grocery with.

10. Hand Sanitizer

I loathe it but it is required for a trip. I don't know what I was thinking?

11. Closed - Toe Flats

I have no decent closed toe shoes beyond sneakers. I was thinking I could buy some here but with my size feet and low budget wallet?!

12. Ziplocks

I packed a few to be shipped to me but I have none now and I really do need them. I could divide wipes in them, store wet things and cover my passport.

13. Cough Medicine

I got a bug the moment I arrived and I couldn't talk myself through a pharmacy purchase here so I've been taking pain killers and eating citrus to cure myself.

14. A Phone Card

After getting my international SIM it took me two weeks to finally be able to make a call home. I could have used the hotel phone with a card.

15. Fun Nail Polish

I brought clear polish instead of colors and I could have packed a few tones for fun. Nail polish is expensive and nail shops don't exist overseas.

16. Alcohol & Peroxide

I forgot those alcohol wipes that work for cuts, lenses and laptop screens. I also forgot how healing peroxide is when you eat hard French bread every day. Also no one in France knows what Peroxide is.

17. A MP3 Speaker

I can't bring my iPhone in the shower. I can't blast my laptop. Hotels are lonely.

18. A Bookmark (an actual flimsy one)

I have nothing to hold my page in the books I brought. I guess I could just fold pages.

19. Hair Oil

I use natural oil on my hair and I didn't think about a container to bring it in. So now I'm using grocery store oil in a glass bottle that will not travel well.

20. An Ethernet Cable or Airport Express

I am stuck with short length cables and no wifi in most hotel rooms. I just went two days without luxuries like Instagram and Vine because I have no wifi and I cannot get in bed with my laptop because the provided cable is too short.

Honorable Mention - I brought vitamins, birth control and eye contacts but only enough for a few months NOT 90 days so I was forced to leave early regardless - count out your vital supplies and have enough on hand for loss 

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