Introduction to "SheMe" - Fast Forward to September 13th 2013

So yes my changes, my move, my trip are now a blog for you. I wanted a resource that I couldn't find - for all my fellow Black girl travelers. I wanted for there to be community around people coming to conclusions about life and moving forward. Well...

I did make those changes. I did move. I did embark on the trip of a lifetime. In that I have become a resource. I'm the person that would tell you to do what I did. I would just need to make some corrections and edits. Why?

The changes were irreversible. The move permanent. The trip was remarkable in more ways than one. I learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about the value of relationships. I learned a lot about the flaws in friendship.

I found that putting trust in yourself is bigger than putting it in the hands of another person. I concluded trust between individuals is a farce. That we actually need more time then we think to establish it.

I also found that speaking up about things is better than saving face. I have never found the line between maintaining dignity and demanding what I wanted. I just sort of passive aggressively stumble through lifes screwed up choices. At least I can admit that.

In essence, I traveled with a stranger. Well two. My so-called friend who unraveled at the seams with each new destination. And myself just trying to endure her and walk the line as a new person. I just couldn't put myself back in time before things went whatever way.

I kept a series of blogs while gone. One that was always there. One for you. Then lines got crossed there too. I lost my identity while trying to clear the air. And now I ask for what? For whom? All could have been explained in one line. 

Why did I even go with her?

I went to build something that had no initial foundation. That reality almost ruined an experience of a lifetime. I say almost because I don't have any regrets. She allowed me to do what I would have never done - travel!

I left Europe 23 days early. I've been back in the States a little over a month. I am completely beguiled by my now former friend. I am smitten with the new me. I am in a triangle with travel. I am your resource and my first and best piece of advice is...

Do it alone.

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