Let's Talk About Second Life

A few weeks after my last post everything changed. I met someone. When I met him I was going through a series of unfortunate events which included losing a job for the third time in a calendar year. Then the icing on the cake was being threatened to lose my apartment. Contrary to popular ''speculation'' I wasn't evicted which was more upsetting for me. My landlady just informed me a month before my lease ended she wasn't renewing. This was strange because we had already discussed renewing so I got real focused on staying in that part of town. I sold my car. I put up with a lot of shit just because my job was walking distance from home. So once the news broke I was devastated and there was nothing I could do. I couldn't seem to find another job anyways. I guess it was time to go. I tried all sorts of legal parameters and that is when I found out handshakes and contracts don't mean anything. I also realized having now three dogs and a cat made me homeless. Strapped for cash and really not interested on returning to North Carolina I opted to move in with a friend. That decision was a turning point in a life steadily going downhill.