What I Learned Cont'd - The Things… Italy and All Its Parts

Italy was the one flawless destination in our trip. It seemed free of problems and hiccups. Everything just fell into place. We'd wake up each morning with a plan (even when going separate ways). If anything began to unravel there was always a dreamlike free fall but I would be caught. There was always someone or something to catch me. I was never startled. I was never stirred. I would just stumble into things - many times alone, unprepared and angry. Then wherever I was or whoever was there settled me. What baffles me is there was so much more we both intended to see. We had hoped to visit four or five cities. We had hoped to see the water. Instead we chose the landlocked cities of Rome and Florence. Rome being a popular tourist destination. Florence being ideal for leaving. Most of the time we were seeing and doing our own thing. We also didn't seem to share our experiences anymore. In the company of each other we were silent. Apart I'll assume we both had our own internal thoughts. I always wondered did solitude make Italy more rewarding? Or did going most of it alone make it less of a dream? Either way this was my lost stop - happy ending or not.

I missed

-Venice & Naples

Having cut our tour of Italy short we never got to see the water - no beaches, no seafood and no canals for us

-The Statue of David (All Three of Them) in Florence

I'm not going to keep beating a dead horse but damn


Not sure if it was on her list but I totally got it confused with the Parthenon in Greece and didn't even know this was in Rome

-Everything Cool Around The Colosseum Which Included… Via Sacre and The Forum

We chose … no I followed her down the path she'd taken herself the previous day - so all loveliness behind and around the Colosseum was missed. We did see the mass exodus to the Forum and we attempted to get through some gates to see whatever was back there but saw signs for an entry fee and said f it. However, we could have spent a tad more on our tickets and saw it all.

-Piazza Nivona

We looked down onto this square from the entrance of the Borghese. Of course, we entered the park and were stuck in there for hours sweating and being rained on. We could have been lunching and going to fabulous shops instead.


I could have benefited from a visit to the specialty food store … alone. So I could engorge myself and not feel guilty and maybe score some truffle oil or something.

-The Mouth of Truth

I didn't think of it. All I ever imagined walking the streets of Rome was "Roman Holiday" and I just totally forgot to mention that it was right there. It was literally right down the street from the Colosseum.

-Every Museum Outside of the Vatican

We chose to forgo the Roma Pass because of all the silly museum choices. Had we picked our two and they were duds it would have been a waste of money. Looking back we could have just sprung a lil cash to see the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna.

-The Spanish Steps

She seemed irritated with not seeing these after all they were on her list. The issue I have is they were right there by the hotel. We could have taken a twenty minute walk east and ran right into them.

-The Cool Parts of Milan

I had world's shortest layover in Milan. I was underground and could have easily just sat on a bench and sulked. However, I did go above ground bags and all and smell the air. Everything seemed nice but it wasn't the fashion capital area or anything. I tried to look out the windows on both trains looking for a city center or a supermodel - I saw nada.

I did do the following

I drank from a fountain alongside a hot priest with alter boys.

I was gifted traditional breadsticks which I smuggled all the way back to the states.

I had someone said "finito" to me in a very harsh tone. I was asking for lemon wedges after 11am. I got hand gestures and everything.

I stuck my hand in the warm, thick, mineral water of the Trevi Fountain.

I did what I did in the Sistine Chapel and that was the only place the spirit "took" me while in the walls of the Vatican City.

I cried a lot.

What I Learned…

I really didn't learn much of anything in Italy. There were no customs or traditions that were far fetched. I was quite used to the food, the Catholic religion and the surroundings. Other than a few culinary and adventurist tidbits I was clueless.

- Now I make my alfredo from scratch

- I like espresso every now and then

- I know how to wear a wet bandana like a rugged explorer

- I can totally stick with being agnostic

In Conclusion

I had mentioned how irritated she seemed when I said I seen it all before. However, I had. We both had. She just wouldn't admit to it and I don't know if that was a pride thing or lets not be stupid Americans thing. It isn't fair to New York to say "oh the city sprang from American imagination". No. NYC is an exact replica of Rome and probably any other metropolitan city within the boot. Romans were the original thinkers. They formed everything before everyone when no one was innovating. So society as we know it, the foundation of all society came from the Romans. I could write a book but lets just keep it to a few bulletins…

  • Latin - language, writing, reading, English
  • Numerals - numbers, values, money, currency
  • Art - literature, plays, sculpture
  • Architecture - structures, shelter, buildings, domes, archways
  • Plumbing - aqueducts, sewers, hygiene, sanitation
  • Calendars - 365 days, 12 named months
  • Infrastructure - roads, cities, concrete, bridges, dams
  • Law - rules, regulations, rights

So they created all of the above and more. They were constantly designing and evolving to ensure longevity and efficiency. They proceeded to spread their amazing work or it was copied by people who couldn't do it themselves. So I can't say I wasn't impressed by Italy, but everything was expected. The refinements that Italy has, the subtleties, I am technically already used to. The only thing left to so-called admire was the culture which was heavy on religion and food - no more no less. I wasn't open to the religion because I've already been raised mostly Catholic so I chose to enjoy the food. Then of course I had no money so I couldn't even enjoy that. Hence the wondering off in anguish and crying a lot. But hey big ups to Italy for making the world turn!

What will I do when I go back

I will visit the places I didn't see and more. I will so to Sicily and Salerno and eat all the fish. I will take a gondola ride in Venice. I will travel to Pisa and soak in the Tuscan sun. I will see the fashion houses in Milan and maybe even snow. However, I am not pressed to go back to Italy. I am considering it my holiday reward when I become a citizen of France. So it'll be a while and quite pinch worthy when I do. Dreams. Happily Ever After.

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