222 46 39 and Two (Real Time) - Gemini Season (Written 06.06.2021)

Flip Flop Fickle Fortune ... I am reclaiming my time ... in this space ... for you.

I have been re-reading this blog from the beginning to the end for a solid two weeks. I actually dedicate hours a day to reading it and taking notes on things. I am about thirty posts out from finishing. With all that is going on in the world today with the virus, travel, Black people etc. I think it is time to revitalize and relaunch this space. Do not worry, I won't change much.

First, I will edit all the grammatical and spelling errors which bother me. Then I will work on updating dated information including fixing broken links to pages probably long gone. I will finish with removing a few posts entirely that just do not apply to today which includes many on hotel reviews, camera use, phone use and apps like Vine which is obviously no more. 

What is most surprising is most of what I talk about in this space outside of the story is relevant today. 

Yes, the "story" part will remain.

Forgiven but not forgotten. I stand in the point that that one Summer in 2013 shaped me for the life I live today. However, like as many other things regarding the initial point of this space - we have evolved. So it is high time to move on. But for those interested in the origin and that particular story it is still there for you. For those seeking to learn about expatriating, luxury travel, warnings related to fraudulent and or influencer experiences ... this will soon be that space too. In order to get there I must do the above - the long and arduous combing over. But please know these new topics are high on my agenda to attract new readership. Also, do not expect for me to get weird and start linking this space to other facets of social media and doing everything I can to monetize these blurbs. That is not my thing. I am thinking about some aspects of engagement but if they compromise the fluidity of this blog and what I personally enjoy about it ... I am not interested and never will be. 

So in regards to the numbers. I was reading and noticed it was 2:22 and wished to complete my goals here within a month. But in this month there are also two Gemini birthdays in this house which stand to ruin all my plans. Outside is opening up, we will be traveling for a bit and maybe that will happen before which is more important than this. The consolation is that that experience will ultimately wind up here when I am ready to dedicate the time and contribute more to SheMe. I also have some other blogging projects, also geared towards travel and expatriating. I am debating on tying these two together for you all. However, no matter what I am working on here or there - my anonymity is paramount and if that too is affected no dice on the inclusion on everything pertaining to me and that wonderful wide world called internet. Again, watch the space and you'll see what I will do in regards to layers but please know posts will return once he is 47 and I am 40. 

P.S. Someone at Google decided to fvck with the fonts destroying my whole aesthetic so excuse the gigantic generic entries from yesteryear. 

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