See Here Is My Problem With Florence

Just an hour or so after arriving in Florence we headed to the center. We needed to find food and she needed her 12 Euros. We passed some familiar named places, stopped in others and then found ourselves in an Egyptian protest. Then we wondered around all the shops and restaurants. Soon we found a square with a few vendor tables, carts and a big carousel. While she was taking pictures of seesawing horses and other peoples children I zeroed in on the ATM just behind it. I know I told her where I was going but I doubt she was listening. Once inside the bank I took out 20 Euros as usual and we met just outside. I know she was curious as to what I had but it really wasn't for her to know. Instead I helplessly followed her on this hunt to see the bridge with houses on it. I figured at some point we'd get thirsty and I could change my "big money" for her. 

We kept walking and it was really quite annoying. We seemed to keep running into obstacles. We found the Neptune fountain and there were students everywhere. She decided to break out the big lens and I couldn't find her anymore. I pretended to be talking pictures of this fountain myself but I was really looking for her. The moment we found each other I saw the "free" water. I had read about a project placing free water stations about the city. This wasn't like anything I'd seen online it was more or less a spicket in the ground for fire fighters. A lot like Rome other locals were drinking from it so I filled my trusty bottle. The water was unpleasantly warm and sort of disgusting. I later refrigerated it and it because the nectar of the gods. At that very moment though I was disappointed and felt hoodwinked by the old, dirty men in newsboy caps encouraging me to drink it. 

We went to the Catherdral like she wanted and there was a massive line as well as an entry free. We weren't really dressed properly anyways so we kept going west. We finally got to the water and there was a breeze. We walked alongside the water in covered vestibules full of students, artisans and tourists. The entire time she was doing all these acrobatic moves over the side wall to take photos. I was clueless as to what she was taking pictures of. The water wasn't the clearest. The surroundings were pretty rustic. There was no Eiffel Tower ya know. Well, it was that darn bridge. I hadn't even noticed it. We finally got to and began to cross and it was lined in all these jewelry shops. I tried to make the most of it looking into the windows and outside display cases. Everything was gold, just cheap, drilled and plated gold for silly tourists. There were people standing at the doors edge just waiting to lure you in to buy really shitty jewelry - filagree chains, charms and chiseled rings. I was put off immediately. We got to the end and I asked where was the bridge with the old houses on it. I was really eager to see this thing we'd come all this way for. In awe she turned and said "this is it, that was it!?" 

Yeah, so we'd come clear to the other side of Florence for that. We spent the next hour trekking alongside the water on the opposite side and crossing at a normal bridge. There we looked down to see the water full of trash and parts. We were also just walking in circles past other tourists, scooters and painters. It was such a boring site seeing trip. Once we made it back to civilization we found a small store where our fancy drinks were bought. I put my drink on the counter, she put hers beside mines and then awaited my change. From there she'd mentioned how she wanted to climb yet another mountain and I felt like I'd already had enough but would endure just to annoy her. So we began walking back the way we came. We stopped in a very overpriced grocery store, a candy shop and back at the church. Now there was no line but it was closed for the day. I think she was defeated and we were suddenly in the vicinity of the hotel. I remember saying okay we're near the hotel I'm going to head back and her saying she would accompany me.

So yes that first day we'd pretty much knocked out all of Florence. The only thing we hadn't seen is David and all the churches. I'd seen it all. I wasn't romanticized and quite relieved. If she wanted to climb mountains every day going forward I would simply stay in the room. So at this point a block from the hotel we came back to where we started and decided on Subway for lunch, dinner and lunch again. Just across the street was the newly opened dollar store which probably didn't survive so don't go looking for it. However the hunger was subdued and thirst quenched for well under our typical 20 Euro a piece dining. We both ordered subs with meat and nearly every topping and then kindly left for 1 Euro drink to take back to the room. Once back she ate her whole sub but I decided to save half of mines for the next day. I don't remember if she left again or what but I do recall taking a long nap. When she was back or I came up from air I felt the beginnings of jet lag and an eminent head cold. So as she was saying something I quickly downed two sleeping pills, an Emergen-C and my daily vitamins and called it a very early night. I believe I woke twice to pee and each time she attempted to talk but she sounded like an adult from Charlie Brown, the curtains were drawn dark and I couldn't feel my own face to say anything back. 

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