Off to Sevilla!

I hated leaving Malaga. 

Yes, I said it. Leaving was excruciating. We'd just spent nine days in paradise and we're off to the unknown. We'd barely discussed what was next in-between daily arguments, awe filled site seeing and monkey filled nights. Now we were packing again - in the truest form. We'd actually hung clothes, did laundry, put things away so it was like leaving the states packing wise. The only thing good about leaving was having the most perfect donut in Spain. There were so many perfect donuts in the case but I was told in the best English not to take photos. So I instagrammed my donut and Malaga actually liked it. What a city!

Now we we're off to the land of flamenco!?

Seriously, I didn't look into Seville. I was never interested in traveling to Seville. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't care what was even there. It was just a stepping stone between now and Italy. 

So I stepped all over Seville. 

Adios Malaga - Baila Sevilla!

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